Church Servant Leadership Scholarship

Church Servant Leadership Scholarship

Ambrose will provide a matching scholarship based on a church nomination. Churches can nominate students based on:

  •  Christian character
  •  Demonstrated high-quality servant leadership capacity
  •  Learning capacity
  •  Potential to serve Christ in the church, cross-culturally and in the marketplace

Value: up to $2000.00/academic year

Church Submission Deadline: March 31

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Eligibility, Criteria and Conditions

Student Eligibility & Criteria:

  • Meet the Ambrose admission requirements
  • Be new or transfer students to Ambrose in the first year they are nominated
  • Undergraduate: Be enroled in 12 credit hours/semester
  • Seminary: Be enroled in 18 credit hours over the September – May period
  • Maintain a CGPA of 2.0
  • Uphold the Ambrose community standards
  • First-year undergrads: enrol in Ambrose 101
  • Live in residence for their first two years, unless they are over the age of 21, married, or living with parents/guardians in Calgary or immediate area 


  • A church is considered a congregation that holds a weekly service
  • The program applies to a maximum of 8 consecutive semesters or one full degree program.
  • Ambrose will match the church support up to $2000.00/academic year
  • Church pledges may change year to year
  • The local church will communicate details of their commitment (current and future) to the student and his/her parents.
  • Ambrose reserves the right to not offer additional financial aid, scholarships or bursaries to any student who receives the Church Servant Leadership Scholarship.
  • Ambrose reserves the right to change or modify this program at its discretion. 

Note: Parents are not eligible to sponsor their child for this scholarship based on Canada Revenue Agency requirements. Commitment and funds must come from the local church leadership team.

For further information please contact:

Hannah Temple
Financial Aid & Awards Coordinator 
Tel: 403-410-2938