Presidential Scholarship Application


Ambrose University is committed to making a significant scholarship investment in an exceptional student who has strong Christian character as well as academic and servant leadership potential. This scholarship is offered to a current high school student whose Ambrose education will enable them to be a servant leader involved in transforming their workplace, church and community for the glory of God.


Scholarship Value

The Presidential Scholarship provides full tuition for the completion of one degree (up to four years, or eight consecutive semesters of study).

Application Deadline: January 31

High school students in Grade 12 are invited to submit an application following the guidelines below.

Competition Dates: February 27-28

Applicants will be shortlisted and finalists will be invited to participate in the Presidential Scholarship Competition, which will be held on the Ambrose campus. 

Student Eligibility & Criteria

The finalist must meet the following conditions in order to receive their scholarship amount each year until they graduate:

  • Meet Ambrose admissions requirements with a minimum high school average of 85% in grade 11 and the first semester of grade 12 in the following subjects: English 30-1 or equivalent, 3 List A or B classes, 1 List A, B, C or D class, plus program specific requirements
  • Be enroled in a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester
  • Make satisfactory academic progress and maintain a 3.0 CGPA for the first year of studies and 3.2 CGPA thereafter
  • Be in good standing within the Ambrose community related to responsibilities of membership
  • Live in Ambrose residence for your first two years unless you are married, over the age of 21 or living with a parent/guardian in the Calgary area

Application Process 

  1. Apply to Ambrose 
  2. Apply for the Presidential Scholarship
  3. Submit your resume to
  4. Submit an Application Essay
  5. Provide a Church Leader Reference
  6. Provide a Teacher Reference

Applicants will be shortlisted and if selected, invited to the competition.


The competition event will include an interview, a 10-12 minute presentation to the evaluating committee, essay writing and participation in Ambrose events. A panel of Ambrose faculty and staff will select the finalist following the competition. All participants will be notified within one week of the competition.

Details relating to the weekend will be communicated to the applicants who are shortlisted to participate.


  • Ambrose reserves the right to not offer additional financial aid, scholarships or bursaries to any student who receives the Presidential Scholarship
  • Ambrose reserves the right to change or modify this program at its discretion